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Relax & Heal

Heartbroken? Betrayed? Coping with a Traumatic Event?
Angela can help you clear your hardened Heart Walls . . .


What are Heart Walls?

Heart Walls are anything that makes you and/or your heart feel unsafe and fearful and results in your heart protecting itself and shutting out others. Your heart becomes hardened and results in walls being built up around it for protection.

Causes for forming Heart Walls include:  loss of a loved one, traumatic events, constant life stressors like physical or emotional abuse, betrayals, breakups, worry & anxiety-ridden repetitive thought processes.

Clearing Sessions

Sessions involve testing to determine the width and substance of a person or animal’s heart wall that is protecting, shutting out, and limiting the openness of a heart.

Transform your body, soul, and life today

Meet Angela Reinhofer, MPH CECP

  • Master of Public Health in Health Resource Management – UIC School of Public Health, 1994
  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner by Dr. Brad Nelson, since 2009
  • Rainbow Therapy Certified by Young Living
Angela Reinhofer, MPH CECP

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