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Contact Angela:  224-422-0193

Heart Wall Clearing

Healing Heart Walls sessions involve kinesiology testing either in person or by proxy remotely to determine the width and substance of a person’s heart wall that is protecting, shutting out, and limiting the openness of a heart.

Causes for forming Heart Walls include: Loss of a loved one; Traumatic events; Constant life stressors like physical or emotional abuse; Betrayals; Breakups; Worry and anxiety ridden repetitive thought processes; Anything that makes you and or your heart feel unsafe and fearful and results in your heart protecting itself and shutting out others; and becoming hardened and results in walls being built up around it for protection.

Heart Wall Sessions last between 5 and 50 minutes. Cost is $84 per session.

Heart Wall Clearing


  • We discuss any concerns you have and pinpoint the question to ask your body, and then ask for the trapped emotions to be brought to the surface and released by running a magnet down the governing meridian (which runs from the top of your spine to the bottom).  This occurs on you personally for in-person sessions, or on me for remote proxy sessions (where I’m acting as your surrogate / proxy).   We continue to ask the question until no more emotions are detected and then you can expect for the next couple days to feel some residual emotions potentially.  These residual emotions come and go and it may or may not happen for you.  For example if we remove sadness or forlorn you may feel residual sadness, but the traumatic event that caused the sadness to be trapped / stuck is fully released during the session right then and there.